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How we take on the challenge of creating a brand identity

Finding a way to tell a story through a memorable campaign is the goal for every project we work on at Neoscape, and it’s a process that yields the best results when we work across our various areas of expertise.

“That might mean our 3D team is enhancing graphic design work or our filmmakers bring a new perspective to an interactive project,” says founder Rob MacLeod. “Our clients, employees and the company as a whole benefit from this collaborative process.”

Whether we’re using new technology like virtual reality to market a luxury redevelopment in Washington D.C. or mocking up ads for a mixed-use development, we partner with clients to determine the project’s unique brand and how to best reach the right audience.

That was our approach as we began working with Urban Visions, a developer of sustainable real estate that is creating a new southern gateway to Seattle. Located on the edge of the city, the mixed-use development is a seven-building, seven-acre property with more than 1.2 million square feet of office space. Urban Visions is looking for tenants to partner with in the development and design process, so that the result is custom.

The project isn’t going to be a typical office park – and neither is its name: the single letter –S. “We wanted people to hear about S and be enticed to learn more. They might ask, ‘What’s that?’ because they can tell it’s a really unique offering. Neoscape helped us create the logo and provide messaging along with ads and a website that would match the project’s unique brand,” says Broderick Smith, vice president of Urban Visions.

To answer the question “What is S?” we needed to find the right thematic balance while embracing the project’s location – both its historically industrial neighborhood as well as access to the water. The campaign was an opportunity for our 3D and graphic design teams to collaborate, bringing their strengths together to create a digital mockup and work together during the process to bring the design to life. The result was a series of three ads with different themes that explore the most important elements of the project.

First, we took a macro approach and emphasized the themes of nature, sustainability and how Seattle is part of the brand identity.




In the second ad, we wanted to address the themes of transportation, since the project is highly accessible and will serve as an entry point to the city.




The third ad we designed addresses who will be working at S, offering a glimpse at everyday life in the building.




“One of the reasons we chose to work with Neoscape is that they create memorable images and messages. We couldn’t get their work out of our minds. That’s what we wanted for this project – to create an ad campaign that would leave a mark and keep people asking about S,” Smith said. As a series, the ads work to address the key themes behind Urban Visions’ plan for S while embracing what makes the project unique. For a mixed-use development with so much to offer potential tenants, focusing on the possibilities and creating a bold graphic will grab a reader’s attention, leaving them with a memorable image and a desire to find out “What is S?”

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