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Neoscape Design Challenge: Self Portraits

The world we live in is filled with celebrity look-a-likes and dog filters ruling social media. Have we become so obsessed with the convenience of flipping the cameras on our phones that we no longer feel the need to develop the story we’re trying to tell? To help flex our creative muscles, Neoscape has been holding monthly design challenges that encourage employees to think outside the box. Challenges are open to all employees and often uncover unique artistic talents and new ways of thinking. For this design exercise, employees were tasked with creating a meaningful self-portrait that dove a little deeper than the instant nature of the selfie. Participants could draw, paint, photograph, alter or manipulate however they saw fit, as long as they believed the images captured their true selves. Take a look at the portraits, followed by artist statements, below.




“A self-portrait is meant to represent who you are. I am who I am because of my family. The concept of this scrapbook selfie portrait came from the nostalgia of arts & crafts, and creating photo books with memories. This is just a glimpse of the people that molded me into the person I am today. #nofilter.” Jackie, office manager




“I am the protagonist in the narrative of my life. I stand center stage. I am the performer, the music and the audience. Every time I look around me I am reflected back in the form of my judgments, dreams and insecurities. Such an oddity the self-portrait; to capture your likeness when you couldn’t possibly get away from it 
if you tried. This self-portrait is a digital painting, done on the iPad.” John, senior digital artist




“I received a stamp collection from my grandmother a few years ago. She told me my grandfather would love to collect stamps from all over the world. With a huge love for design history, my grandmother knew I’d like them just as much as my grandfather did. Stamps travel all over the world representing where they are from. 
I wanted to represent a part of my heritage, by imagining what I would be like if I were to have lived during the time and place my father was born.” Tatiana, junior graphic designer




“This selfie is made up of words that describe my interests and personality traits. The chosen words range from personal to public associations.” Brendan, junior graphic designer



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