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Neoscape wins four Graphic Design USA Awards

Each year, Graphic Design USA honors the best graphic design work in the industry with the annual American Graphic Design Awards. For the 53rd year, the organization has identified the most talented designers and effective campaigns, and we’re proud to be included among the winners. Whether we’re designing a luxury lookbook or ads for the new southern gateway to Seattle, we strive to put forth work that we are excited by and proud of. This year’s winning projects include Urban Visions’ “S” ad campaign, the Alexander Court lookbook and website and Northwood Investors’ 100 Broadway website. Here’s a look at the story and design behind each:


Urban Visions “S” Ad Campaign


With the intention of creating a project as the southern gateway to Seattle, Urban Visions set out to develop ‘S,’ a mixed-use, seven-building, seven-acre project with more than 1.2 million square feet of office space. But the Urban Visions team didn’t want ‘S’ to be labeled as a typical office park – as a result, we worked with the team on an ad campaign together that was anything but typical. In creating a brand identity that would entice people to ask “What is S?” we needed to find the right thematic balance while embracing the project’s location – both its historically industrial neighborhood as well as access to the water. The result was a series of three ads with different themes that explore the most important elements of the project. For the first, we took a macro approach and emphasized the themes of nature and sustainability while integrating Seattle into the brand’s identity. Addressing the theme of transportation, the second ad showcased the project as a highly accessible entry point to the city. The third ad and its theme centered on curiosity, offering a glimpse into everyday life in the building.


Alexander Court Lookbook and Website



We worked with Rockrose Development Corp. on the redevelopment of Alexander Court, a trophy office development located just outside of Washington D.C.’s Central Business District and designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli. Our challenge was to show off the luxury nature of this project across every marketing medium, which we did through our website design (also a winner of a GDUSA American Web Design Award) and lookbook. Beyond the website, we created renderings of both the interior and exterior of the building to showcase its size and amenities. Our film, lookbook, brochure and virtual reality app also highlight these amenities, giving viewers a multi-platform, multi-media experience of the 1 million-square-foot office tower that feels sleek and sophisticated.


Northwood Investors 100 Broadway Website


Located in the center of Lower Manhattan, 100 Broadway has been transformed by Northwood Investors into a state-of-the-art, newly renovated building. We designed the building’s website in order to showcase the amazing opportunity for tenants at 100 Broadway: a rare, boutique full-floor office presence combined with a tenant-exclusive elevator lobby, protected views of downtown’s historic architecture and a new all-glass entrance with the lobby renovated to its original elegance. The website successfully highlights 100 Broadway’s architectural elegance, historical integrity, modern features and tremendously desirable amenities and transit access by design.

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