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Photography at Acadia National Park

At the end of July several Neoscape employees had the pleasure of taking a photography trip up to Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine. For those who haven’t been or are not familiar, it is one of the prettiest national parks on this side of the country, as well as home to the highest peak on the East Coast. The views are absolutely incredible and it offers some of the best nature photography spots on the Eastern Seaboard. Below is a recap of the trip from Joel Corrente, a digital artist in our Boston studio.

We began our journey after work on a Friday, arriving just after midnight at the Bass Harbor Lighthouse. The red light of the lighthouse’s lantern created an ominous glow over the strong fog that had started to roll in. The two photographs below were taken from a vantagepoint along the rocky shoreline. With waves crashing around us, it was one of the more treacherous locations I have shot from and should not be attempted without proper lighting and footwear.




We next proceeded to the summit of Cadillac Mountain around 4:30a.m. as the first light of day began to break. Surrounded by about 200 other hikers and photographers alike, we found the perfect spot to capture the sun as it rose over the lingering fog that hugged the coast.




After recharging our batteries with a nap and some of Maine’s signature blueberry pancakes, we hiked to the edge of Jordan Pond where we took some long exposure and regular photography, documenting the perfect weather nature had given us that day.




After an afternoon of shooting, we enjoyed the famous lobster rolls that Bar Harbor is known for, and they certainly didn’t disappoint! We then treked back up the opposite side of Cadillac Mountain as the setting sun approached the horizon. Rich with color and depth, what proceeded was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have photographed.




As the light quickly evaporated from the evening sky, we made our way to Thunder Hole to take long exposure astrophotography. Though it was a difficult path to our shooting location with many large, flat, slippery rocks to contend with, it was worth it. This was an amazing place to shoot, and where we caught some of the most spectacular images of our entire trip.




One of the best parts of this trip was getting to know some of my coworkers who share similar passions with myself. Being able to learn from them and share the knowledge I have was a really profound experience and something I look forward to doing again. All together it was an amazing trip and we were incredibly lucky to have gotten great weather and the colorful skies that we did. I think I speak for the group when I say we really appreciated having the opportunity to go on such a special trip and we all really want to thank Neoscape for making it possible.

Video credit: Matt Laskowski

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