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The anatomy of an architectural rendering: Neoscape’s role in Zaha Hadid’s 2022 World Cup stadium design

When a client asks us to visualize a development project with a rendering or a film, the result often shows how a user would experience the building, as well as reflect its architectural anatomy – to give a sense of its shape and dimension, inside and out.

Earlier this week, renderings that we produced for Zaha Hadid and AECOM’s design for the 2022 FIFA World Cup stadium in Qatar were officially released. But the “anatomy” of the project quickly became more literal. And then this happened: global headlines proclaimed that the project looked like, well, part of the female body. There was coverage in most of the architecture press, which noted that Hadid’s inspiration came from a local fishing boat – the Arabian dhow. But the reports by the mainstream press, from the Guardian to the Huffington Post, were different. There was even a lengthy riff on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show.

It’s not every day that architectural visualization permeates several news cycles around the world.  But honestly, we’re not surprised. Not because of what Hadid designed, complete with her signature curves, but because visualization is meant to instigate discussion.  It is always a powerful tool.

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