Creating the visual identity of Bulfinch Crossing

The identity for Bulfinch Crossing required a visual representation of this new brand and its personality. In the second post of our blog series on the project we’re taking a closer look at this visual identity and the thinking behind it. We needed to convey–through a wordmark, a logo, and accompanying graphic elements–our bold Boston vision. It had confidence and strength, but was sincere and friendly. The name was rooted in history, but needed to represent the future. Traditional, yet innovative.

These concepts helped to shape our decisions for the brand identity. We examined historical palettes from Bulfinch’s time, rethinking them with a vibrancy better suited for today’s aesthetic. The muted cornflower blue, faded burgundy, and pale cream colors were refreshed with sunny, earthy tones you’d find in a marketplace. And, as Bulfinch Crossing will have many components coming online over time, we needed a comprehensive palette that would allow for expansion in the future.

The wordmark also needed to reflect the brand personality, with all of its dualities and subtleties. So we looked for a typeface with gravitas, but one that also displayed a refinement befitting luxury retail brands and Fortune 500 companies. Ultimately, we chose a sans serif with rounded edges for a bold, strong look that wasn’t too buttoned up or sterile. Just like a proper Bostonian.

To complement this wordmark, and to round out the brand image, we still needed a symbol to serve as an iconic visual reference of Bulfinch Crossing. We went back to the old Boston maps for inspiration and clearly saw the Bulfinch Triangle of old with the new Bulfinch Crossing right at its apex. But what also began to emerge was the notion of a “square” as a bustling marketplace of activity where people meet and converge. Bulfinch Crossing is certainly going to be this type of place, filled with vibrancy and energy. Perhaps there was something in this idea… the triangle within the square? We created a symbol of that very image and then encircled it with a type of city stamp, or seal, to reinforce its location in the heart of Boston. Again, a nod to the past uplifted with contemporary elements.

This post is the second in a four-part series on the brand creation of Bulfinch Crossing. Stay tuned for more in our next installment, in which we go behind the scenes (and back in time) as we look more closely at the project’s film.

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